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Accomodations in Austria

Cosmo and Nanu


Kampusch Movie shows harrowing new pics

Harrowing images from the new movie of cellar kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch's eight years in captivity have emerged showing star Antonia Campbell-Hughes looking gaunt and painfully thin.

The film - called '3096' after the number of days Natascha spent as a prisoner - is based on Kampusch's own book on her ordeal.

Ten-year-old Londoner Amy Pidgeon is seen as the terrified young Natatscha, snatched off the streets of a Vienna suburb by pervert Wolfgang Priklopil on her way to school.

Film-makers have recreated the claustrophobic underground two by three metre cell Natasha spent eight and and half years in and had to create new filming techniques to cope with the confined space.

The new pictures - released before the film's premiere next month (feb 28) - show Northern Irish actress Antonia Campbell-Hughes in different stages as she gradually starved herself with extreme dieting during filming to capture Natascha's skeletal look when she escaped in 2006.

One picture shows a tense scene between Kampusch and her abductor - played by Thure Lindhardt - during a ski-ing trip he took her on.

The case caused enormous controversy in Austria over claims that police and officials pulled back on the investigation to protect a powerful paedophile ring.

Kampusch finally escaped while Priklopil was distracted by a phone call. He later killed himself before police could arrest him.

"It was clear. Only one of us would survive. In the end, that was me. And not him," she said later in an interview.

Vienna Times

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MEP caught In Brit papers Fraud Probe Jailed
A corrupt MEP caught by a British newspaper offering to propose amendments to EU laws in exchange for 100,000 euros a year has been given a three-year-jail term.

Vienna Jihad Girls Want To Come Home
The two Austrian teenage girls who became ‘poster girls’ for the jihad in Syria are now desperate to come home after getting completely disillusioned with their new lifestyles.

Viennese Jihad Girl May Have Been Killed
Austrian police say that one of the two attractive young teenage girls who fled the country to go to Syria to fight on the side of Islamic rebels may have been killed.

Teen Dying Of Cancer Killed At Charity Event After Ride In Porsche Goes Wrong
The family of a sick boy who was offered a trip in a high-performance Porsche because he was dying of cancer is suing the charity after the Porsche he was travelling in crashed head-on into oncoming traffic.

Beekeeping is booming in Vienna
People living in Vienna have got a new hobby - beekeeping.

Queen of Englands favourite horses used as lawnmowers in Vienna
Horses from the famous Spanish Riding School are being used to help keep the grass down in city parks in Vienna.

Get an early start on the American Independence Day celebrations at Eton Institute
Get an early start on the American Independence Day celebrations at Eton Institute

Penguin Babies Earn Their Feathers At Zoo
These feathered friends are the latest additions to the penguin enclosure at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo.

Sex On The Underground Station Filmed By Passenger
The fact that there were CCTV cameras in place or the fact that a train packed with passengers had pulled into the station didn't seem to bother this couple caught having sex in public at an underground train station in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Jobless Footballers Join Dole Rangers To Showcase Their Talent
Austria's job centres are entering the big league - by creating a football team to allow jobless footballers to showcase their talent and get work.


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