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Cosmo and Nanu - Hey Cool

Cosmo and Nanu

POPCORNER: Where sweet dreams come true

Bourbon Vanilla, Green Apple, Caramel, Lemon, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coco, Cherry ... these flavours are not the average popcorn flavours on offer at your local cinema.

Austria's culinary popcorn scoop leaves Vienna deeply impressed: 99 per cent organic popcorn in rich flavours and combinations that go well beyond your imagination.

Masterminds Emina, 35, and Sanela, 24, Mandzuka who are sisters, came up with the idea of producing sweet popcorn as they simply could not get good, organic, sweet popcorn in Austria.

"Sanela was pregnant at the time, and she wanted to eat as healthily as possible, Emina explains. As I used to work in Frankfurt, I brought my sister a stash from there. But it really bothered me, two kilograms of puffed corn takes up a lot of space!

"After several months of delivering popcorn from Germany, Emina told her sister she should make it herself. Hearing that Sanela went into her mother's kitchen and started experimenting. She burned kilograms of corn and kept the neighbours worried for months because of the stench that came out of the apartment. Until she perfected the art.

"People were knocking on my mother's door asking what smelled so good and if they could have a taste," Emina laughs.

In total Sanela needed 6 months to puff the corn she desired. "The temperature is the most important variant. It is a very delicate procedure, if it is too hot you burn it, if it is not hot enough the topping does not stick to the corn," Emina says.

It seems the hard work paid off as people are really enjoying the taste.

"We are sold out almost every day. Now we have plans to expand, but not in Vienna, we want to keep it exclusive and small. We would like to have a flagship-store in different cities, or even countries."

Popcorner advertises as "99% organic" as in the case of the chocolate, they went for the best taste, which turned out to be luxurious fair trade chocolate.

"It was simply better," Emina admits.

Popcorner: House of the corn, where sweet dreams come true, did the impossible, they made popcorn sexy. Somehow the packaging and the shop's interior gives it this sex in the city flair.

It looks and tastes as exclusive as Jimmy Choo's shoes. Where popcorn can be particularly dull, Apple strudel puffed corn is absolutely amazing.

This new Austrian delight, is worth your visit. And don't be shy, the lovely ladies in the shop will offer you a taste of every flavour they have! And if you would drop by around Easter, you might be so lucky to taste their blueberry, chocolate, 24 carat gold topped popcorn, now how sweet is that?!

For more info:

The colourful collection of organic snacks have less calories than crisps or nachos and contain much more vitamin - B1 and B2 - and iron.

The popcorn is offered in three different sizes: Small (at 2.50 Euros) , large (at 3.50 Euros) and Extra large (at 4.50 Euros). For people with diabetes there are sugar-free variations. As of from this summer they will also offer savoury flavours. At their website you can combine flavours to your own likings and order online.

Naglergasse 3
1010 Vienna

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: from 10am until 6pm.

Vienna Times

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