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Cosmo and Nanu - Hey Cool

Cosmo and Nanu

Listed dogs left-over

With some 1,500 animals, the animal shelter south of Vienna has once again reached full capacity.

The space shortage is mainly due to so-called listed dogs for whom it is difficult to find new homes. These types of dogs take up almost 50 percent of the kennels in the shelter.

By the end of 2012, a total of 168 dogs were handed in to the shelter in Vösendorf (Lower-Austria). American Staffordshire Terriers are first on the list, representing more than two-thirds of listed dogs. Just behind on the list of dangerous dogs the were given up last year are Pitbull Terriers and Rottweilers.

Abraham, who works at the shelter, said: "We get given far more listed dogs than we find homes for."

Figures also confirm that statement. Even through there is a balance of normal dogs and listed dogs, the latter only represents 17 percent of dogs which are passed on.

Rottweiler and friends therefore often have a long residence time – from one to several years.

Since 2010, these "listed" dogs are only allowed to be kept with a dog-license. Amongst others, the listed dogs are: Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Neapolitan Mastiff, Spanish Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, Tosa, Pitbull Terrier, Rottweiler and Dogo Argentino.

However, the number of unwanted dogs hasn't risen in the last few years and the image of these animals as unwanted Christmas gifts is changing, according to the manager of the shelter. She said: "There has been some improvement."

It would appear that mentalities have changed and that pet dogs, cats and hamsters do no longer make a suitable Christmas presents after all.

Vienna Times

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