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Accomodations in Austria

Cosmo and Nanu


Second bomb in 10 days disrupts traffic in Vienna

There were disruptions in Vienna this week when a 250 kg World War II flying bomb was discovered during building work at the new hospital object in the Floridsdorf  area of the city.

Bomb disposal experts took about two hours to make the device safe after it was found close to the Brünner Straße. It is the second bomb that has been found at the site in 10 days.

According to Vienna police the area was sealed off shortly after the discovery and the tram line 31 to Floridsdorf and Stammersdorf was stopped.

Ambulances were also on standby but they were not needed and after two hours the road was reopened.

The last bomb was found on 19 November when a 500 kg flying bomb was discovered. The former Austrian Railways property was frequently the target of Allied bombers during the war. Formerly there was a Shell refinery and the Siemens factory on the site.

Vienna Times

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