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Cosmo and Nanu - Hey Cool

Cosmo and Nanu


Car sharing company exempt from paying charges

The Viennese government coalition has decided to support car sharing initiatives.

The Green Party of Vice Mayor Maria Vassilakou announced yesterday (Weds) that a vehicle sharing project established by car company Denzel would be allowed to use public parking spaces in Josefstadt district for free. Greens traffic issues spokesman Rüdiger Maresch said the SPÖ-Greens coalition and Denzel agreed to keep up the cooperation for three years before charges apply.

Reports have it that the company will have to transfer around as much as cafes and bars hand over for being allowed to place tables and chairs at parking spaces in the summertime. Denzel officials plan to meet with the heads of other districts in an attempt to expand their presence in the capital.

The decision to assist a car sharing business in making people aware of their offers matches the city coalition’s general traffic policy. SPÖ and Greens said after agreeing on a cooperation in the city hall congress in 2010 they wanted to increase the share of public transport in the city from 35 per cent in 2009 to 40 per cent until 2015.

SPÖ Mayor Michael Häupl’s faction and its coalition partner also set up several Bike City housing projects. Residents of a planned Bike City in Liesing district will get annual public transport tickets for free as well as the opportunity to join car sharing initiatives under special conditions. People living in another Bike City building complex had to declare not to buy cars before moving in.

SPÖ and Greens also agreed on setting up more cycling paths and increase public transport investments to lower individual car traffic in Vienna in the long run. The opposition turned their guns on the city government last year when it emerged that the various parking tickets will become more expensive. Leaving a vehicle in Vienna’s nine central districts for one hour costs two instead of 1.20 Euros from today. The price for two hours of parking climbed by 1.60 Euros to four Euros.

The Austrian Traffic Club (VCÖ) recently said that half of all the distances Austrians covered by car were no longer than five kilometres (km). The organisation’s surveys also show that there are 394 vehicles per 1,000 residents in Vienna. Sixty per cent of Viennese households own a car, VCÖ said. Their share could dwindle in the coming years due to the enduring petrol price increases. Austrian homes with two cars had to pay around 170 Euros more for the same amount of fuel in 2011 than in 2010 because of the price developments but also rising mineral oil taxes, according to an investigation by motorists’ association Arbö.

The Viennese government hopes that more people would use public transport services in the coming years thanks to the upcoming ticket price reform. Annual passes will cost 365 instead of 449 Euros from May. Monthly tickets, which currently cost 49.50 Euros, will get cheaper as well (45 Euros). At the same time, various tickets such as single tickets and weekly passes will become dearer.

The managers of public transport company Wiener Linien point out that the current price for an annual public transport ticket is significantly lower than what people in German capital Berlin, Paris in France and London, Great Britain, must fork out. They also make aware of Wiener Linien’s achievement in an international service check. Vienna’s public transport network came third in EuroTest 2010, a public transport quality investigation examining services in 23 European cities. Experts considered aspects such as travel times and ticket prices. Munich, Germany, reached first place. Finnish capital Helsinki reached second place.

Vienna Times

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  1. A night of glitz and glamour at Vienna Filmball 2013

    » Panorama 2013-03-18

    Glamour and glitz were out in force at the weekend as stars from Austria and further afield flocked over the red carpet into the Vienna City Hall for a night of awards, dance and partying!

  2. Bonbon Ball crowns Miss Bonbon 2013!

    » Panorama 2013-02-11

    By far the sweetest event in the Vienna Ball season - the Bonbon Ball took place this weekend.

  3. Demonstration to remain in front of Votiv Kirche

    » General News 2012-12-19

    Following lack of progress made by talks between representatives of the Church, the charity Caritas and refugee activists at the Votiv Kirche in Vienna, protesters are set to stay camped outside the building.

  4. Man goes on supermarket axe rampage

    » General News 2012-12-19

    A supermarket worker and three supermarket customers were attacked by a man on the rampage with an axe in a supermarket in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

  5. Runners caught short in Vienna Indoor Marathon

    » General News 2012-12-19

    Marathon runners who thought they'd clocked up record times were caught short when organisers confessed that the course wasn't long enough.

  6. Underground rape suspect arrested in Graz

    » General News 2012-12-19

    A man accused of raping a 23-year-old woman on an underground line during rush hour in the Austrian capital has been arrested in Graz, Styria.

  7. Woman stabs boyfriend in head then goes to bed

    » General News 2012-12-19

    A woman stabbed her partner in the head before going to bed after a row in her apartment in Vienna, Austria.

  8. Parking permit zones to be extended

    » General News 2012-12-19

    Discussions are ongoing about making a park permit zone in the Vienna Districts of Hietzing and Währing from 2013 as a result of a knock on effect from surrounding districts.

  9. Indoor pool in Vienna open after renovation work

    » Panorama 2012-12-18

    Vienna's indoor swimming pool the Amalienbad is open again after it was closed for renovations over the summer.

  10. Price rise set for many in Vienna housing associations

    » General News 2012-12-10

    The year 2013 is going to start off an expensive one of the 2500 people living in Vienna.

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  1. Austrian skiers create overnight stay record

    » Business 2012-05-29

    The number of winter season overnight stays by Austrians has reached a new record.

  2. Knoflacher emphasises pedestrian zones' economic effects

    » General News 2012-05-24

    A renowned traffic planner has stressed that shop owners are generally appreciating the introduction of pedestrian zones.

  3. FW turnover takes off

    » Business 2012-05-24

    Austria’s biggest airport has managed to increase its profit.

  4. Congress tourism boosts cities and countryside

    » Business 2012-05-17

    International conferences are becoming increasingly important to the Austrian tourism industry.

  5. Schieder wants technology offensive

    » General News 2012-05-15

    Finance Secretary Andreas Schieder has appealed on politicians and businesspeople to ensure that Europeans benefit from technologic developments.

  6. TA recovers as CEO rejects Pecik fears

    » Business 2012-05-11

    Telekom Austria (TA) is back in the black.

  7. BA almost takes €400mn profit hurdle

    » Business 2012-05-11

    Bank Austria (BA) has achieved a profit of almost 400 million Euros in the first quarter of 2012.

  8. Turmöl sales soar

    » Business 2012-05-11

    Austria’s main discount petrol station network earned more in the first three months of this year thanks to the current developments on the energy products sector.

  9. Bonuses must mean tax cuts, says ÖVP boss

    » General News 2012-05-02

    The People’s Party (ÖVP) has suggested to lower the tax pressure on companies which share their profits with employees.

  10. Strabag turnover soars thanks to EE

    » Business 2012-05-01

    Two of Austria’s leading construction companies had good and bad news for shareholders in the past few days.

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  1. Brauner discloses austerity course details

    » General News 2012-05-29

    Viennese Social Democratic (SPÖ) Finance Councillor Renate Brauner has revealed how the city government plans to save one billion Euros within the next five years.

  2. Ticket inspectors increasingly active

    » General News 2012-04-24

    Around 60,000 people were caught using Wiener Linien’s services without a ticket in the first three months of this year, according to company officials.

  3. U-Bahn renovation replacement service details issued

    » General News 2012-03-29

    Wiener Linien has explained how it plans to compensate the partial shutdown of one of the city’s busiest underground lines.

  4. Officials to spend €600mn on U-Bahn extension

    » Business 2012-03-22

    The Viennese government has disclosed details about the upcoming U1 extension.

  5. U1 'to be extended to Therme Wien'

    » General News 2012-03-21

    Vienna’s U1 line could have its final stop at Therme Wien soon, according to reports.

  6. U1 dispute settled soon, Winter promises

    » Business 2012-03-16

    Wiener Linien co-chief Eduard Winter has revealed that the company and the city would agree in the near future about where the extended U1 line could end.

  7. Lower Austria wants better train service to Vienna

    » General News 2012-03-09

    The Lower Austrian government has appealed to the Viennese coalition to make the city’s park & ride facilities a more attractive option for commuters.

  8. E-bike boom pushes sales

    » Business 2012-03-08

    Austrians might soon buy half a million bicycles a year due to electric bikes’ (e-bikes) changing reputation, according to retail sector businesspeople.

  9. Old trams to become more eco-friendly

    » Business 2012-03-05

    Wiener Linien plans to improve its carbon footprint.

  10. Pensioner prevails in ticket price wrangle

    » General News 2012-03-02

    Wiener Linien might have to brace for serious financial difficulties after an elderly man won an anti-discrimination trial.

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